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Dr. Lorraine Keller

Business & technical management services


During her more than 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in the life sciences, Dr. Keller has specialized in integrating scientific and business disciplines important to growing life sciences companies, including business strategy, technology assessment, regulatory affairs, competitive intelligence and intellectual property protection.  She has held managerial positions at a Fortune 500 company and has co-founded and held senior executive positions in four life sciences companies.


Dr. Keller was Cofounder and Vice President of Marketing and Communications for RheoGene, Inc. and responsible for business development and external communications.  In 2006, RheoGene merged with Intrexon Corporation, a biotechnology company in which more than $200M has since been invested to develop RheoGene’s novel gene therapies which are now in clinical trials for treatment of melanoma.


Dr. Keller was instrumental in the founding of Technical Vision Inc. in 2008 when she served as the BioStrategy Partners Portfolio Manager and business advisor to the company.  In 2009, Dr. Keller assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer and responsibility for day-to-day operations and fundraising.  


Dr. Keller also serves as Cofounder and Executive Vice President, Technology of MBF Therapeutics, Inc., a veterinary oncology company that is managing the development of two new cancer drugs for the rapidly evolving, high value companion animal veterinary market. With MBFT she applies her expertise to clinical product development, regulatory affairs and intellectual property management.


Dr. Keller provides business and technical management services as a private consultant and assists emerging therapeutics, diagnostics and device companies with operational, business, intellectual property, investment and technology strategies as Portfolio Manager and Scientific Founder of BioStrategy Partners.  In this capacity she also assists regional University Technology Transfer professionals and faculty to advance early-stage discoveries to validated technologies ready for commercial licensing.  She is a registered Patent Agent.


Dr. Keller also cofounded Immunotope Inc., a Doylestown-based clinical-stage immunotherapeutics company developing vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases.


Dr. Keller holds a Bachelor of Arts cum laude from Smith College with High Honors in Biological Sciences and received her doctorate in molecular biology from Cornell University.  She did post-doctoral work at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research and the USDA Plant, Soil and Nutrition Laboratory in Ithaca, NY.






Contact Info:

Technical Vision Inc.
Lorraine H. Keller PhD
CEO and co-founder

Salus University
8360 Old York Road
Elkins Park, PA 19027

Tel: 215 205 6084
Email 2:


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