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PCCI's annual and biggest meeting will be quite different this year...


Pitch Perfect “Beyond the A Round”

It’s an event somewhere between MABA’s 1st Pitch, BFTP’s Venture Idle and MADV’s Fall Showcase….

Monday, December 12, 2016


PCCI has put out a BOLO and an APB out for four of the area’s most fundable pre and /or post revenue life science companies. They will compete in a “pitch-off” in front of a panel of five angel investors who are actively seeking fundable assets and may be willing to invest if the opportunity is right. No promises.


Target companies will have received initial funding and are looking for a next round of $2MM to $5MM or more from angel investors. They may currently be raising money. Maybe they are in the process of syndicating a round and are looking to fill out the balance of a raise.


The winner will receive a paid trip to the 2017 Angel Venture Fair courtesy of PCCI. Runners up will receive their choice of free consulting services from PCCI experts specializing in the following areas: clinical trials, regulatory affairs, reimbursement and others.


PCCI is asking key area incubators and institutions to give us their picks for their most likely companies to attract funding. PCCI will select four finalists from a pool of 18 to 20 or more from these top picks. Finalists will each have ten minutes to deliver their elevator pitch to our investor panel. Our panel of five active angel investors will take a turn at critiquing and/or grilling each of the funding candidates. Finally PCCI’s audience will vote alongside the investors to select the “Best of the Best” as being the “Most Fundable” of the four companies.


Mark your calendar, December 12, 2016!
We will give you more details on a regular basis as they become available.


General audience members will not be solicited and /or be eligible to invest as a component of this event.



Good Company! Good Drink! Good Food! Good Program! Good Fun!


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